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NFP Bootcamp:
A Virtual Business Boot Camp
for Non-Profit Leaders

Leaders in nonprofit organizations (NFPs) are full of passion that inspires and motivates teams yet many have risen to their current position without access to robust management training.  Although there are several leadership skills programs available, there are few options for anyone in the nonprofit sector seeking guidance in the practical, day to day techniques that translate passion into a thriving organization.  Without such training, inefficiencies can prevent the organization from maximizing the value for beneficiaries and donors. In the worst scenarios, toxic working environments can emerge.

Fortunately, these techniques can be taught and put into immediate practice.  NFP Bootcamp is a program designed to bring day to day, practical advice from our experienced consultants directly to the NFP community. By combining lectures, group discussions, and hands-on assignments, this program moves concepts beyond classroom theory, creating meaningful change for the attendees' organizations over the duration of the course.

Our Mission Statement: Train NFP leaders in business best practices to improve the daily experience of those dedicating their careers to the greater good and to increase the resources available for their missions.

Our Program:

Flow Chart
Collating Data

Section 1



Learn to translate your external brand into an internal brand message so that your team is delivering a consistent quality experience to your constituents, both outside your organization and within.

Section 2


Why do teams fail? The four most common reasons trace back to leadership failures so Section 2 will provide participants with the tools they need to avoid and overcome the most common stumbling blocks by supporting and enabling their teams.

Section 3


Being fiscally responsible is a cornerstone for any nonprofit Organization. This session will cover key aspects related to financial reporting and oversight.

Section 4


Many businesses experience challenges with efficiency, which can hold them back from delivering the best products or services possible. This bootcamp installment will focus on how to identify the critical constraints holding your business back and to create a plan to remove these constraints.

Section 5


Nonprofits without financial support are unable to help anyone!  This unit will teach attendees how to pull together new tools and the concepts already covered to attract the supporters needed for their re-invigorated teams to thrive.

Winter 2024
Registration Is Now Open!

Qualified Candidates

Work for organizations that have been operating for 3+ years and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • 3+ years of management experience

  • Hold an executive leadership position in a nonprofit organization


What Our Attendees Are Saying About Our Trainers

Sandy Keehn

"Sandy is a fantastic facilitator. I loved the homework assignment of talking to my staff about how they saw our brand. I think this guidance will help tremendously with building staff morale."

Belle Walker

"Love how Belle started the section with the icebreaker ... I have learned better way to communicate and motivate staff as well as identifying the communication barriers."

Aimee Little Sanchez

"Her extensive background in nonprofit accounting and financial management makes Aimee an especially valuable asset to organizations undergoing significant growth or change."

Lisa Levesque

"Identifying the "constraints" is definitely beneficial for me to dig in deep. Finding solutions for the constraints will take time, energy and commitment for my agency to work together to tackle the obstacles."


“Alan's combined years of experience in marketing and communications plus the many organizations he has worked in makes him an ideal fit as an educator, coach, and consultant. The session helps me to understand the role marketing plays along with practical steps toward implementation.”

Alan Koenigsberg

We have a Sponsor!

The East Contra Costa Community Alliance (ECCCA) is “a force for equity and systems change” representing 17 nonprofits that provide a wide range of critical services.  ECCCA’s mission is to improve the quality of life of all residents in East Contra Costa by recognizing the assets of community members, elevating their voices, and building a strong partnership with key stakeholders. ECCCA's ultimate social impact is that all East Contra Costa residents have political power and influence by engaging community-based leaders and partner organizations to create change that reduces marginalization in our community.

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Registration is Open for Winter 2024
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