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Will each class be recorded?

No. Although there will be some lecture material presented each class, discussions with classmates and other interactive elements are fundamental to the Business Bootcamp for Nonprofit Leaders learning experience. To ensure that discussions take place in a safe space and to maximize interactivity, sessions will not be recorded and students must attend (via Zoom) in real time.

What is the appropriate level of person from our organization to attend the Bootcamp?

The Business Bootcamp For NonProfit Businesses is designed to strengthen the skills of the leadership of your non profit organization, and is primarily intended for the Executive Director level.  General requirements for attendees are that they hold an executive position and have at least three years of management experience.

What is the overall time commitment I can expect as a student?

Classes take place from 10am to noon PT on Tuesdays and from 10am to 1130am PT on Fridays for 5 weeks.  There may be 2-4 hours of homework between some sessions, emphasizing the hands on, practical elements of the program.  These assignments will often require participants to engage other members of their organization and are crucial to the meaningful change offered by this program.  The hours are truly an investment that will pay off for attendees and their organizations in direct proportion to the effort applied.  To learn more about the immediate impact, see the Testimonials page.

I have a conflict for one of the weeks of the bootcamp, but would still like to attend.  Is it possible to attend just for the other weeks?  Also, if I do this, will my tuition be reduced?

The design of the bootcamp is such that each session builds upon the topics from previous weeks.  Missing a week would create a gap in your knowledge and potentially interrupt the flow for the rest of the attendees.  If you know that you will need to miss a session, there will be additional Bootcamps offered in the future that may better meet your scheduling requirements.  If choose to enroll and must miss a session, we will do our best to provide you with the information you missed but no discounts in pricing are available.

Is the Winter 2024 session the only time this workshop will be offered?

Will I get a certification?

We anticipate offering this program quarterly.  Stay tuned for additional dates in 2024 and beyond.

Once you complete all sessions within the program, you will receive a certification of completion.

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